New Players TO DO LIST:

Complete the FIRST FIVE STEPS immediately when you join the clan. - Step 6 and 7 can be completed on your own at any time or never done at all.


Step 1: Gallery

See our Gallery to witness our amazing war log; this is only possible due to our training, organization and dedication of our members.


Step 2: Contacts

Click 'Contacts' and join the groupme chat room that matches your clan.


Step 3: Clans we endorse

Click 'Our Family' and glance over the list of clans that we work with / endorse.


Step 4: Training: Basic Game knowledge

Click 'Training' This is the biggest part of our clan. Bookmark the first 3 topics and read them before you upgrade anything else in your base..


Step 5: Training:  Part 1 - Clan War

Under Training there are 11 steps to prepare you for war. This is designed with day 1 players in mind; everyone must complete this before they join us in war.


Step 6: Training: Part 2 - Elder Promotion

Under Training there are 18 steps to complete before you will be able to earn Elder rank. There is an application to fill out on the Elder/Leader tab - it will take you to


Step 7: Training: Part 3 - Leader Promotion

Under Training there are 15 more steps to earn Leader.  If you have made it this far you are an amazing player who knows a lot about the game.



Step 8: Realize we are a group of clans

Each of our clans has a different atmosphere, and none compete with each other for members.  Differences between the clans include things like- War schedules, performance requirements, Town hall (or weight) levels - research or hero level requirements - different attitudes and standards on war performance- and activity levels.  WE ALL share the same eight universal rules as listed above - and some share a combined Roster of members












If you are looking for the World of Warcraft forums; they are still offline at this time.