Elders vs Leaders


Elder rank is a set of skills that a player has proven to have basic knowledge of; beyond that it is a set of responsibilities that the player is willing to perform.  ELDERS and LEADERS are basically two sides of the same coin; they are the players who contribute more than they take.


Elders primary job is to recruit - to be able to properly identify a good player (vs a bad player) using the experiences learned in our training.  To properly interview any new player and make sure that the new person knows how we work. 


Once the new player has proven that they have found our website - they should have the tools they need to progress in the clan.


The first 18 steps of our training prepare a player to answer the questions in our Elder application.



Application Link to Supercell Forums:




'reply with quote' (you must be logged into supercell to see that option)  Then it will pre populate the topic with all the questions.


Then simply edit the post and put your own information inside of it.  Tell one of the leaders in groupme and they will process your application,  you may be given direction on how to complete a few missing items or you may be promoted instantly depending on the situation.




There is no application for Leader promotion; once you have earned elder the hard part is done.  Leaders are basically Elders with tons of extra time in game - and the willingness to go above and beyond to insure the clan remains in top performing condition.




-Starting Wars (knowing how to pick a winning team - verifying that elder recruits are good)

-Recruiting when elders fail to keep up with the demand.

-Training Elders

-Updating our shared Roster with Promotion info, or strikes on players who mess up.

-Maintaining our Groupme Chat room to insure people are brought in, transferred and kicked.

-Bumping our recruitment topic once per day

-Mailing the clan once per war with examples of things to learn

-Researching new war tactics and concepts to improve game play

-Foster good relationships with other clan leaders to improve the experience for everyone.