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Clash of Clans Gaming family:

There is non 'progression' through the clans; each clan is different in many ways. Most follow the same rules, and share a combined roster of members. Get in trouble in one and it will carry over to the others. I've listed a few that I respect and refer players to--  that are not part of our 'family' but should be mentioned here...


Name: "NightmareGuild" (low level ambush wars)

Clan tag: #9JR2GQ9P
Clan Level: 8
Town Hall: 3-6 or players under 35k weight - Hybrids - Defenseless - Minimax Welcome. New players welcome; lots of leadership and help available.

War Search Begins: Sat, Mon, Wed, around 5pm eastern time

Description: Serious War clan doing 50x50 wars 3x a week - Anyone may join but All are subjected to an interview and must agree to the rules set forth in the forums. Currently the only clan with this name. Wars are 100% complete within 6 hours or less - busy times are from 6pm to Midnight Eastern Time

Forum Recruitment thread: 



Name: NightmareGuild 2 (18 hour wars)

-Taking all players who do not fit into our other clans. Offense must be higher than defense to be put into war.  (You must be able to easily 3 star above mirror) No hand holding; everyone should know what they are doing.

Clan tag: #YRY2YRQ2
Clan Level: 6


Name: "Its Just a Game" (iJAG)

-Clan tag: #2QLU8VCY
Town Hall: any prefers th7+
War Search Begins: Fridays 7pm once a week
Description: - Farming - occasional war clan. - opting out is allowed - war losses happen more often and players should be ok with that; these are not serious gamers they are adults who enjoy playing casually.


Name: "Aged Greatness3"


Clan tag: #2R0Y9CJY
Town Hall: 6+
Description: - 18+ Relaxed war clan; 3 wars a week on a set schedule. Players are expected to get 2 or 3 stars per attack - against comparable opponents. Mid and high level players are joined in war...[players Opting out are referred to iJag. War sizes range from 20 to 45 

This clan used to acts as a direct feeder into Aged Greatness2; Though ag2 has a low turn over rate so the AG3 players tend to be here a while.


Name: "Aged Greatness2"


Clan tag: #8VJ9UJC8
War Search Begins: Sat 5pm - Mon 6pm-Wed 7pm Central time
Description: Serious War clan 3 wars a week - Very picky about who is let in. They will reject almost everyone unless you come from one of the other clans. Only very skilled players with great bases are getting into this clan. Primarily th7/8/9 members - a couple 10 and 11's - high performance - friendly players and solid organization.




Name: "Aged Greatness" *not sharing our rules or roster


Clan tag: #922PQYO
Clan Level: 9
Description: - Stresses FAIR PLAY standards - prefers strong th9/10/11 players who are properly upgraded and know what they are doing; they have a feeder that will accept weaker th7'-8s but not likely anything below that.
+Groupme - optional
+ClashCaller - required 1/4 flex timer
+Opt outs must transfer out after 2 skipped wars


Name: "Couchlockers *not sharing our rules or roster

Clan tag: #2UPJCJOQ
Clan Level: 8
Description: - Direct feeder into Aged Greatness - seeking big strong heavy players at th9 with 15/15 heroes but may accept th7 and 8's if they are serious about the game.



Name: "Impregnability"  *not sharing our rules or roster


Clan tag: #9g2u9l8j
Description: doing 50x50 non stop - 6 stars earns elder, 5 stars earns a kick.




Name: "Guilder (via Fire Swamp feeder)

*not sharing our rules or roster


Clan tag: #9L9QYCPO
Description: -Solid war clan accepting a variety of players; good war log and fun laid back wars.


Name: "Aged Greatness1" *Not Active


Clan tag: #L2YCCUVJ


Description: - Clan is comparable to NightmareGuild in that it recruits low level players and feeds them into Aged greatness; wars are slower paced and chat tends to be a bit quiet - The clan has no active leaders and is completely dormant at this time.


Name: "Aged Greatness4"  *Inactive


Clan tag: #9LLRRUC2
War Search Begins: NA
Description: - Ran by kids; for kids; until the leader account was lost with a broken device. clan currently unaccessable.


Name: "The Centum Group"  *Great set of clans; not affilliated.


Clan tag: #(they have 12 clans; look them up)

Description: Trial clans - you have seven days to prove that you have the skills to complete their trials. any hint that you are using third party programs to help you will get an instant ban.


Name: "Savage Seven"  *not affiliated


Description: Town hall 7 only - pushing clan

Name: "Mini Max Savage"  *not affiliated


Description: Must be a mini max account to join here; unique clan.


Name: Lost Phoenix  *not affiliated


Description: solid Push clan taking 100% max players - top ten in the world consistantly.


Name: "Brutus"  *not affiliated


Description: First clan to reach 10 - First to reach 11 - always winning war, 50x50- taking on strong accounts only.


Name: "TOP BTM"  *not affiliated


Description: had 255 wins - The best undefeated win streak since the game began; lost their first war around 4/1/16 and now have 1 loss and a few ties.